This is a montage of videos I created the sound design for, some official and some sound re-designs.

One of my main responsibilities on The Secret World was monster design. I created and implemented all of the monster sounds in this video. One of the main challenges and techniques I developed was creating a contrast between small, medium, large and colossal monsters. I implemented the sounds through our internal scripting tool, which acts as an API for the Fmod audio engine and allows for fancy stat checks and Lua commands.

The Secret World spans across the world from Egypt to Seoul, Transylvania to London and even down to the depths of Hell. This environment reel displays some of the environments I was responsible for. For the creation of the sounds we used all means available, recording original material, library sounds when appropriate and synthesizing ambiences and effects. Implementation was done via our internal tools, which is a combination of visual scripting and our 3d editor. I used “In-engine footage” in order to display how objects were placed out in the environment and the sound representation.