Hiding Those .AKD Files From Your Wwise Project

Shift + right click on the desired folder
Click Open command window here
Type attrib +h *.akd /s
Command Prompt

Insure “Show hidden files” is disabled in Folder Options > View > Hidden Files and Folders

To remove command type attrib -h *.akd /s

Sounds Of Croatia

The sounds of Croatia was captured from August 25-30 2014. The recordings take you through nine locations, ranging from 7:00am to 1:00am. The never-so-distant sound of crickets gives Croatia a unique charm that can only be heard.

Stereo 24bit / 96KHz
Fostex FR2-LE
Line-Audio CM3’s in ORTF


architectural functionalism

- – – – – – – – – – -


Tutorial: Create Your Own ORTF Field Microphone Protractor

Here’s how to create your own custom ORTF field protractor that contains both 110 degrees and 17cm.

1. Download the docx file.

9. Rec.

Poll: Field Recorder Shootout

My good friend Michel Marchant, sound design guru,  has built a fantastic portable recording rig. This allows him to simultaneously record with up to four devices. He sent me files about a week ago and asked that I identify my favorite one. He allowed me to share them and see what the community thinks!

After listening to the audio files below, select your top recording in the poll. After voting click here to look behind the curtain.

How It Is Sometimes

Stacked sounds,
. organized chaos,
. . assembled emotion,
. . . controlled space,
. . . . cued subtleties,
. . . . . tone generated,
. . . . . . caffeinated creation,
. . . . . . . amplified illusion,
scripted salutation,
. planned panned,
. . earned reward,
. . . emulated simulation,
. . . . auditory arrow,
. . . . . troubleshooted reward,
. . . . . . stumbling possibility,
. . . . . . . subconscious strike,
making believe.

Ambience (/ˈambēəns/) Transition Test

Ambience is the blurring of designed emotion and reality, evoked through your subconscious.

The ability to create a parallel reality without questioning the origin or intention is a unique opportunity. As sound designers, we’re sonic architects with the ability to shape whatever emotion we chose. For game audio it is no longer a technical limitation, but a creative leap.

An ambience transition test… the concept is capturing a location without context. In post, conduct the emotion through processed elements and slowly introduce the locations actual sound. The equivalent to fading from black & white to color.

Stereo 24bit / 96KHz
Fostex FR2
Rode NT4

Recorded in Lachine (Google Maps)


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